Thursday, June 26, 2008

Black Tern, Gray Kingbird & Gnatcatcher

Carol Miller writes....

I watched a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher flitting through the bushes at Bald Point and tried to see where he was going. This Brown-headed Cowbird chick popped up and I thought, "You don't belong to him." But, lo and behold, there was the tiny Gnatcatcher putting food into the mouth of the huge Cowbird chick!

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher feeding Brown-headed Cowbird chick

On a trip to Mashes Sands to find a Gray Kingbird (who found me), I caught a Black Tern lounging on a sand spit off the beach. At first I thought, "Another Laughing Gull. Booooooring....Wait a minute! That's something different." The Kingbird landed in a bush right across the road from where I was getting out of the car! Two new birds in one day at a place I've been several times before--always something new to see!

Black Tern

Gray Kingbird

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