Monday, January 7, 2008

St Marks NWR Photographer's Club

Chances are good, that if you frequent WBU, you are familiar with St. Marks Wildlife Refuge. Established in 1931 for wintering migratory birds, we are lucky to have this beautiful place of nature practically at our backdoor!

I'd like to invite everyone to check out our newly formed photo club. We are a very informal group with broad differences of photography levels and cameras. There are no fees, other than the normal admittance to the refuge and the only requirement is that you enjoy nature! We meet at 9am on the third Saturday of each month at the educational building, which is to the right of the refuge welcome center and gift shop. We generally take a field trip somewhere on the refuge's 68,000 acres that encompasses Wakulla, Jefferson and Taylor County, then eat our brown bag lunch while sharing photos and photography tips. We also help the refuge with some service projects, but this is NOT a requirement. Join us on Jan19 for a nature and photography adventure that will surely keep you comming back!

For more information, you may contact Thomas Darragh at :

A glimpse of just a few of the many birds you may see at the refuge that I took while on a club outing.

Glenda Simmons

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