Friday, January 4, 2008

Hummingbird news

It seems that Fred Bassett got the xmas gifts he was looking for this past week. On 29 December he banded a female Anna's Hummingbird, only the second state record, at the home of Dara and Lloyd Dobson in De Funiak Springs. Then to his delight he got to band a gorgeous male Broad-billed, also the second state record, at the home of Ray and Elsie Dennis in Blountstown. Both hummingbirds are still present and details about how to go see them can be found on the Florida RBA listserv. Click on the following link for details.

Fred Dietrich took some pictures of these two exciting rare hummers. View them by clicking on the following links.

I will be there sunday to enjoy these spectacular birds!

If you have a wintering hummingbird and would like Fred to band it then contact us at the store and we can help put you in touch with him. Fred will be back in town next week to band several more wintering hummingbirds.


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