Friday, July 24, 2009

Susan and I did a birding trip on June 30th to Marymoor Park while in Seattle. It's a fabulous place for birding!

We saw 59 birds during our morning visit to the park. Most of them were Life Birds for us (Mary and Susan).

This is a photo of a baby Barn Owl in a nesting box. The photo is by Clay Taylor. He is a representative for Swarovski Optiks and joined us on the walk.

This is Susan along with other birders who are obviously in awe of some bird. This is a typical pose for us birders!

The next 3 photos show some of the interesting plants and flowers that we saw in Marymoor. It was a wonderful park to visit. I would go again if I lived a bit closer!

This is a dark-eyed junco. She is a cute bird. We get a few here in Tallahassee in the winter.
Photo by Clay Taylor.

Susan sneaked this photo of me (Mary). You can see Clay in the background with his huge camera lens.

The next two photos are tree swallows. Mom has just arrived to feed her starving babies!
Photo by Clay Taylor.

Feed me! Someone please feed me!
Photo by Clay Taylor.

Spotted Towhee. We had one here at Alligator Point last winter...very rare for us. I didn't see it, so this was my first!
Photo by Clay Taylor.

Red-breasted Sapsucker. Life Bird!
Photo by Clay Taylor.

This is a beautiful bird...Lazuli Bunting. It apparently loves to sing. It sang the entire time that we watched it.
Photo by Clay Taylor.

The singing Lazuli!
These are but a few of the photos that Clay took (and I took a few...his are much better). He downloaded all his photos of this birding trip and allowed me to share them with you. Hope you enjoyed them. If you are ever in Seattle, go check out Marymoor Park. I think you'll like it. Happy Birding!

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