Friday, May 22, 2009

Build it and they will come!

I put up a Bluebird house and was just as pleased to get Chickadees! Here is a picture of the babies. I think they are pretty close to fledging. The nest check was a spur of the moment decision when I saw the mother leave and I had a camera with me. I did some research later and read that nest checks for Chickadees should stop at 11 days old to prevent premature fledging. I'm not sure how old these guys are, but I think they are pretty close to the 11 day mark. Luckily the babies stayed in place and I saw the mother feeding them afterwards. I'm hoping to have baby chickadees visiting my feeders soon!

Thomas Wiatt

Thomas also had one of his Purple Martin photographs included on the Great Backyard Bird Count website. Click HERE to view it

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