Friday, April 24, 2009

Photo's from Christine

Parents feeding at the mealworm box. They learned very quickly how to use it.

baby chickadees only 2 days old.April 10th.

Squirrel feeding on corn stick.

Bluebird baby just prior to leaving the nest.

Mom at nesting box with first brood.

I am so excited this year as I have had bluebirds return to have another brood. Of the 4 eggs,3 hatched and left the nest on april 5th 2009. The parents are already working very hard at building another nest. They started it friday april 10th.
the photos enclosed are taken in my back yard and I am such a novice photographer. Please excuse the poor pictures but wanted to share......

Thanks for being in Tallahassee. Your help,friendship and wonderful store has made such a compliment to my life.

Love, Christine Reker

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