Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Green-breasted Mango

Below Carol Miller writes about her twitching debut to see Georgia's first Green-breasted Mango. Bob Sargent of the Hummingbird Study Group banded a week or so ago and it is currently visiting feeders in Dublin, GA, about 200 miles NE of our fair city. Green-breasted Mango's normally resides in Central America but occassionally one gets lost and heads for a vacation to the USA. Most USA records come from Texas but it has been recorded recently in Wisconsin and North Carolina. It is a large unmistakably beautiful hummingbird. Its scientific name celbrates the French Naturalist Florent Prevost. If you have the opportunity go see this cracker from the tropics. I'll be going next Monday! Hopefully I won't be gripped off for long, eh Carol?


Carol Writes.....

Diane and I left Tallahassee EARLY Tuesday morning, sadly, without our beloved leader, to twitch the Green-breasted Mango that has been blessing Dublin, Georgia with its presence. About 10, we arrived and were greeted by a couple from Alabama who had detoured on their way home to see the bird. We roamed around the yards, and heard the husband holler. The Mango was on the feeder across the street--and we missed it. An hour or so later, Diane saw him in the same yard at some flowers. At lunchtime, a guy stopped by on his lunch hour and saw it in that yard, also. By that time, we had all parked at that location, and Diane and I were able to see it about 1:00. We waited another hour, but he never put in another appearance, so it was home again. On the way home, we called Andy to share our excitement. I don't think he appreciate the gesture--said we were being GRIPPY! (sorry) The picture isn't very good, but the Mango was a lot quicker than my trigger finger.

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